RHS Tatton Park Flower Show Garden 2019

Trail of Thoughts was designed to raise awareness of Dementia.

Included in the design category of a Back to Back garden at Tatton Park Flower show 2019, highlighting what can be achieved in a small space. It was a garden measuring a max of 10m x 8mt.


The planting represented the fading of memory, starting with exuberant and colourful cottage garden style planting, transitioning through less colourful grassy prairie style planting and ending in more muted colours and a woodland style planting. A dry stone wall ran through the garden, diminishing in height and becoming more aged before ending in a mossy well. A cooper pipe, bright and shiny at first then becoming dull and tarnished ran along the top of the wall bringing water (representing life and memories ) to fall into the well.

Most popular plants were:

In the cottage garden area:

  • Sanguisorba 'Pink Tickler', Crocossmia 'Lucifer' and Rosa 'Rhapsody in Blue' with Agashache 'Kudos Yellow' being chosen by Mark Lane as his favourite.

In the Prairie style area:

  • Achillea 'Terracotta ' and Echinacea 'Alba'

Woodland area:

  • Digitalis parviflora 'Milk Chocolate and Persicaria virginiana var Filiformis


Award Winning Garden: RHS Silver gilt

Project Type: Cottage Garden, Prairie Style, Show Garden


‘Amazingly beautiful’
Mrs Ward, Cheshire

‘You’ve cracked it and hit the brief on the head. Absolutely beautiful’
Mr Blake, Worcestershire

‘Beautiful work, amazing that we can see the journey through dementia in your garden. Really thought provoking’
Macmillan Nurses, Cheshire

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